My name is Simona, a Romanian living in Moscow. I was born in a small town at the border with Bulgaria, called Zimnicea. Here, without me knowing it, my family put in me the seeds of what I will become: an independent (sometimes too much) person, with a huge appetite for reading (I am still in love with the smell of the small library from our town and the smell of old books), a gourmand, a person who loves feeling the sand under her feet, the sun burning my skin and the water running through my hair.

After I finished high school I moved to Bucharest. I left behind the beach, the sand, the grass, the flowers, the fresh air and the small town ambiance. I was in the capital now, where it was no time to stop and smell the flowers, where everybody was in a hurry and smiles were hard to find. I will lie to tell that I did not like part of it: the night clubs, the student life, the new places that I’ve discovered, the friends that I’ve made there. But a part of me will always miss my hometown.

2012 was the hardest and the most beautiful year of my life until now. I left Romania and I moved to Jonkoping, Sweden. I left friends, family, places, feelings behind and I jumped in a new world that I did not know. There I studied Strategic Entrepreneurship, master in Business Administration. There- I found love. In Jonkoping, I discovered that home is not a place, that the persons that are next to you are creating the concept of home. There I took the decision that I will listen to my heart, and I followed it to Moscow.

In the autumn of 2013, I was living in Saint- Petersburg, as an exchange student for one semester. That city… oh! Is one of the most beautiful cities I ever saw.

2014 found me in Moscow, traveling each month to Sweden to finish my studies. In 2015 I started working in financial consulting in Moscow, and now I am combining my job with my love to write, travel and photography.

This is shortly the story of my life. You will be able to find out more by following my stories.

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    1. Sometimes exhausting but I can say that my it followed an interesting road indeed. I am glad that you also find it so, and hopefully the future stories about my “adventures” in Sweden, Russia and other countries will be interesting to read also. I am glad that somebody so close to my home-country is reading my blog. I did not visit Serbia unfortunately, hopefully one day I will! 🙂

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