A secluded beach to celebrate NYE as a couple

A secluded beach to celebrate NYE as a couple


Noi doi și o plajă pustie.

Am intrat în 2017 așa, fără artificii asurzitoare, fără mese lungi la care se adună toată lumea să mănânce și să bea, fără haine alese.

Cu o bere rece în mână, cu Artem lângă, cu un zâmbet imens pe față, în picioarele goale, fără machiaj, dar fiind mai fericită decât am fost în toate Revelioanele de până acum. Masa?! O minunăție de chipsuri cu sare și alune prăjite, pentru că deja restaurantele nu mai serveau mâncare. Simțeam săgeți de foc din ochii flămânzi ai lui Artem, dar după câteva alune s-au domolit.

EN: Us two and a secluded beach.

Like this we entered in 2017, without loud fireworks, without long tables around which everybody gathers around to eat and drink, without fancy clothes.

With a cold beer in my hand, with Artem beside me, with a large smile on my face, on empty feet, without make-up, but being more happy than in all my previous NYE celebrations. The food? Some delicious chips with salt and roasted peanuts, because already the restaurants were not serving food at the time we arrived. I was feeling lasers coming out of Artem’s eyes, but after a few peanuts the fire was extinguished. 

Am plecat din București pe 30 Decembrie la prânz și am ajuns în Khanom pe 31 Decembrie la ora 9 seara. Iei doi oameni normali și îi pui la drum lung, probabil ei vor dormi tot zborul și vor ajunge la destinație ceva mai odihniți. Am zis doi oameni normali, noi nu încadrăm în categoria asta, ne-am uitat la Războiul Stelelor tot zborul.

În momentul în care am aterizat în Bangkok, eram amândoi terminați. Cică o călătorie romantică pentru un cuplu nu se pupă cu dormitul pe scaune în aeroport așteptând să ne îmbarcăm spre Surat Thani. S-o creadă cine-a zis-o!

EN: We took of from Bucharest on 30th December at noon and we arrived in Khanom on 31st December at 9 in the evening. You take two normal people and you put them in the situation to travel for a long period, probably they will sleep the whole flight so they will arrive more or less rested at the destination. I said two normal people, but we are not included in this category, we just watched Star Wars the whole flight.

In the moment we landed in Bangkok we were exhausted. They say that a romantic couple trip is not a good match with sleeping on the airport’s chairs waiting to board to Surat Thani. He who said it can believe it, but I don’t buy it!

Am aterizat în aeroportul din Surat Thani așa obosiți că nici chef de negociat pentru taxi nu am mai avut, am zis ok, doar du-ne în Khanom. “No problem” erau singure cuvinte în engleză pe care le știa șoferul, ne-am dat seama la un moment dat că de fapt era “problem” că nu știa exact unde se află locul unde trebuie să ne cazăm și nici cu GPS-ul nu prea e prieten.

Când citești despre Thailanda te tot lovești de zâmbetele localnicilor, iar șoferul nostru părea să fi evadat din paginile unui ghid turistic. “No problem” și un zâmbet larg, se uita pe traseul din telefonul meu și continua să zâmbească. Într-un final, chiar a fost “no problem” că a luat pe cineva pe drum care știa unde se afla bungalourile unde aveam noi rezervarea. Obosiți, dorindu-ne un duș să scoatem mirosul aeroportului din piele, așa am intrat în Khanom la ora 9:30 seara.

EN: We landed in Surat Thani airport so tiered that we were not even in the mood to negotiate for a taxi anymore, we just said ok, just takes us there. “No problem” were the only English words that the driver knew, but at one point we realised that it was actually a problem, because he didn’t had a clue where the place where we needed to stay was located and also he was not a very good friend with the GPS.

When you read about Thailand they keep tell about the Thai smile, and our driver seemed to have escaped the pages of a touristic guide.”No problem” and a large smile, he kept looking at the route on my phone and continued to smile. Finally it was not problem, because he picked up somebody on the road that knew where were the bungalows that we had booked. Tiered, wishing to wash the airport smell from our skin, like this we entered Khanom at 9:30 in the evening. 

În momentul în care am coborât din taxi, toată oboseala mea a dispărut. Ajunsesem la mare, o auzeam, o simțeam pe piele, mă chema la ea. Am aruncat bagajele în cameră, am făcut un duș și am plecat să ne afundăm picioarele în nisip. Când picioarele mele au atins nisipul, știam că am ajuns unde trebuie. Mă uitam în jur și vedeam doar câțiva localnici, nuci de cocos și barurile de pe plajă unde câțiva străini care trăiau în Thailanda beau o bere relaxați.

Ăsta e cuvântul care definește Khanomul, relaxare. Ai tot ce ai nevoie! De la oameni zâmbitori, la o bere rece, la o mâncare delicioasă dacă nu te duci ca noi după ora 10 seara, la o mare care-și pune valurile să-ți șoptească cântece de leagăn. Într-un cuvânt, pentru un cuplu care a fugit de lume, de aglomerație, de fasoane si dezbateri, Khanom este locul perfect.

EN: In the moment I got down from the taxi, all my fatigue disappeared. I reached the sea, I was hearing it, I was feeling it on my skin, it was calling me. We throw the luggage into the room, we showered and we left to sink our feet into the sand. When my feet touched the sand, I knew I was in the right place. It was one of the best secluded beaches. I looked around and all I can see was Thai people, coconuts and the beach bar where a few foreigners that were living in Thailand were drinking relaxed their beers. 

This is the word that describes best Khanom: relaxation. You have all you need. Starting with smiling people, cold beers, a delicious food if you do not go later than 10 p.m. to a sea that makes the waves whisper you lullabies. Long story short, for a couple that want to escape people, crowded places, fancy things and debates, Khanom is the perfect place. 

Sunt populare acum listele interminabile cu dorințele pentru 2017. Eu am doar una : să mi se termine anul la fel cum a început, cu mine fericită, cu ochii-mi sclipindu-mi de bucurie, simțindu-mă iubită.

Va continua…

EN: There are very popular this time of year the long lists with wishes for 2017. My only wish is for my year to finish the way it began, with me happy, with my eyes sparkling with joy, and feeling loved.

To be continued…


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35 thoughts on “A secluded beach to celebrate NYE as a couple

  1. I love the way you write! You should consider possibly writing a book 🙂 Sometimes the best things in life are simple. Also, the part about you two watching Star Wars the entire flight made me laugh.

  2. A little piece of heaven all your own. So nice you had the moment to yourselves to forget about the normal hustle and bustle. Hope to visit one day.

  3. Looks like you had a relaxing time for NYE. That’s the kind of beach you want, beautiful sand and empty of people. Gorgeous!

  4. Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate NYE 🙂 Who wants to run around in makeup and high heels when you can be on a beach with a beer..!! Totally with you on that one 😛

    1. Thank you, Shona! The Thais are just lovely people. Coming from Russia where people do not smile in public, arriving in Thailand I found myself sharing smiles every time I met a person. It was awesome!

  5. Lovely post, I can imagine both of you clearly on the NYE night – such a great way to start the new year especially knowing how much you like the beach life. Sometimes you don’t need much to be happy and this is the perfect example.

  6. The looks like the absolute most perfect way to ring in the new year! I live in Chicago, and a lot of my friends like to go out to the bars for NYE. I have never gone with them because I’m just not a fan of all the crowds. I’d much rather do what you guys did. Maybe next year I’ll find myself a nice secluded beach for NYE! 🙂

    1. I cannot agree more! I had my share of bars and club for NYE, and now I just wanted to chill. It was an old dream to enter the new year on the beach, empty feet and a beer in my hand. It came true now 🙂

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